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Science and Technology
It is increasingly important that you can effectively integrate science and technology into your everyday life. You must be able to take take and pass the Microsoft Certification in order to complete the course, and you must communicate all of your results to your peers.more

Introductory Unit

Now that you are logged in, please take a moment to look at the Resources page and begin the introductory unit. This unit will walk you through how to do your work online as well as what other services you need to sign up for.


On the syllabus page, you can find my class outline and class policies. In the first week of school, you will need to sign the policies and your parent/guardian will have to do the same. If you have any questions let me know.

Welcome back!

Your first assignment: Create a blog post about what you did during your break... It must be in complete sentences and no less than 5 to get full credit.

A Marriage

Each category of STEM can either be taught as a stand alone service, or as one that integrates all aspects. The curriculum model for this course is to have each independent area shine in a system that... Find out more

What is STEM?

STEM is a discipline that is still trying to find its own. Different states and national agencies have their own definitions (integrated science for example), yet no common definition exists. Clicking... Find out more


There are national initiaitves to tie and integrate the arts into STEM education. My curriculum takes this into account by actively teaching design and implementation. With each advance, the importanc... Find out more

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