Assessment and Grading

The grading for this course follows the DC-21 Standard Scale as follows:

 90 – 100          = A                                 Daily Participation                  12%

       80 – 89            = B                                  Learning Presentations            40%

    < 79                   = F                                 Two Oral Presentations             7%

                                                                          Listen to Presentations              7%

                                                                            Pop Quizzes                                    24%

                                                                            Cumulative Final Exam               10%


What to Expect in the STEM Lab

  • You will use PowerPoint to create an electronic portfolio.
  • You will work with a partner, but your grade is individual!
  • You will take lots of digital photographs to document your learning process.
  • You and your partner will rotate to a new station each week.
  • At the end of each learning engagement each individual must complete the online Self-Assessment form.  The instructor will also complete a similar assessment.
  • You are expected to keep daily notes in the online project management system.
  • Each individual will complete an online quiz each week.
    You and your partner will give two oral multimedia presentations to the class.
    (One in the 9th week of the semester and one at the end of the semester)
  • You will not be able to spend as much time as you might like at each station, so please plan to enroll in an advanced technology course later on so that you can focus in areas of interest.