You can access the entire course syllabus and expectations as word documents if you would like, or look at the brief highlights below:

Behavior Policies and Procedures

STEM is an elective course.  Your participation in this unique opportunity is contingent on your ability to demonstrate self-control and compliance with all classroom policies and procedures.  Respect and integrity are the guiding principles of our environment.  Students must use good judgment and follow common sense safety rules when operating tools and equipment or using the Internet.  They must treat everyone (other students, teachers, and guests) and all lab resources with dignity, respect, and prudence.  The development of time-wasting addictive Internet habits must aggressively be avoided and therefore will NOT be tolerated.


We do NOT allow FOOD, DRINKS, CELL PHONES, or PORTABLE CD/MP3 PLAYERS of any kind allowed in the lab.  Parents of violator will be contacted to discuss consequences.  All BACKPACKS are to be stored near the doors, NOT at your workstation.


This is a technology class. With that in mind, you should plan to spend your time in this class on developing knowledge and skills at your assigned learning stations. Each learning engagement in the TechLab offers more than you will have time to learn, so stay on task.  Do not bring other homework to this class, write letters, surf the net, do email, or vegetate. Do not ask to go to another class or work on assignments.