The first assignment for every course is to create your own profile and account information on this site. Follow this tutorial to setup your account and get full credit for your assignment.

Create an Account:

1. Click Register

2. Select the class  you are in (they are all free) and select Sign Up

3. Fill in the information:

  • Username: something that you will remember
  • Email Address: needs to be one that you can check
  • Password: this must be something that you can remember
  • Name: put in your first and last name so that you can get credit
  • Invite Code: get this information from Mr.Fitzjarrald

4. Click Sign Up!

5. Select the yellow Subscribe button, and your account is setup.

Change your Avatar:

This step is required to setup your account. If you add a school-appropriate picture of yourself, you will get extra-credit for this portion. Use Google images to find a picture you want, it must be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format (no BMP’s). It works best if you have your picture already saved to the desktop of the computer.

1. Login to the site.

2. Scroll over your username in the upper Right of your page

3. A menu should pop up that says “Profile” at the bottom

4. Scroll over profile and another menu should pop up, select “Change Avatar”

5. Scroll down on the page until you see a “Browse” button and click it

6. Navigate to where you saved your picture (I usually save them on the desktop) and select open

7. Click “upload image” next to the browse button

8.  This will then allow you to crop the image. Make it look the way you want and select crop image

9. Your avatar should now be changed

Add Friends:

In order to get full credit for this assignment, you must add at least 3 friends to your account. You can do this in one of two ways, the first is clicking on the profile of your friend in the “Who’s Online” screen. When the profile comes up, you can click “Add Friend” next to their picture. The second way is to search for your friend in the “Members” search bar.

Add Class Group:

In the Search box, type STEM and change the drop down to “Groups.” Select the group that corresponds to your class and click “Request Membership.”