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Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2This is a Crazy Monkey Game that I use extensively in my Biology Coursework. It allows students to work as a Viral agent to try and destroy the entire human race. By completing this game, students have the option to learn about viral propagation via a discovery process. Use evolution points to purchase mutations to make your vector more virulent.


STUDENTS: In order to get credit for playing this game you must do the following:

1) Play as both a bacteria and a virus and beat the game. If you do not win, start again! You only get credit if you beat the game.

2) Complete the attached worksheet that compares vectors (modes of transmission)

3) Have fun playing this game! It should take you two days of play time to beat both game modes.

Hello Students!

Welcome back from break! As you can see, there have been a number of changes to the layout and feel of the STEM courses at DC-21. We will be using a Web-Based Curriculum to help guide us through the remainder of this semester and this year. As such, please let me know (as a comment to this post or an email) what you think of this online system.

Hope that all is well and you are doing well and had a great break!

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