Why Computers?

As we continue in this digital age, computers are becoming increasingly important. As the years go by, there are more and more uses for computers and a basic knowledge of computer science. In this unit, students will learn basic computer programming (html) as well as the basic needs of computers in our society. We will use the w3 code school to learn the basics of computer design in conjunction with the KhanAcademy Computer Science Curriculum. To lay a foundation, students at various levels will take the Microsoft Digital Literacy courses to ensure that they know the basics of how computers are used in our world.


  1.  Digital Literacy РMicrosoft Style: This curriculum was designed by Microsoft to allow educators to assess how prepared students are in the areas of Digital Literacy (or the ability to handle digital devices to find and synthesize information to create new ideas). The module consists of five basic units and four advanced units. Ideally, we can cover one unit per week and keep this entire portion of the curriculum under 6 weeks. 

Welcome to Computer Science

Made using: Khan Academy Computer Science.