Welcome to the DC-21 SmartLab!


Background Info:

For this unit, you will get a basic introduction to how things work in the SmartLab and a taste of what we will be doing for the rest of the semester. Over the past few months, this course has been converted into a Hybrid-Online course, meaning that you will complete some of your assignments online.

Unit Title: Introduction

Unit Time Frame: 2 weeks (or 8 instructional days).

In order to move on to the first unit, you must complete all of the following activities and earn your “SmartLab License.” Complete the assignments in the order they are in below. This is very important as the beginning steps will prepare you for the later ones.


SmartLab Scavenger Hunt

This assignment is in two parts. The first is accessed by clicking on the name of this activity and is a scavenger hunt around the SmartLab (NOTE: Do not open cabinets!). Click on the link to download the scavenger hunt and begin locating items in the room. You can access the second part by clicking here! Once you have completed both assignments, it will be marked in the gradebook for your course. DUE AT THE END OF WEEK 1

SmartLab Rule Posters

Use the documented SmartLab rules to develop your own poster that shows both the positive and negative version of the rule and why it is important that you follow that rule (rules are found in the Classroom Expectations below). You can create this poster using the following resources: Powerpoint, Publisher, or Glogster. DUE AT THE END OF WEEK 2

Create an Account

In order to complete this assignment, you need to have registered on this site. In order to do that, follow the on-screen instructions from the Register page. To get full credit, you must have a completed profile, uploaded a picture of you as an avatar, and requested access to your class group. DUE AT THE END OF WEEK 1

Discussion Post

Scroll over your name in the upper right hand portion of the screen, a menu should appear and you need to click on “Groups.” This will pull up a group page and you need to select your course. Once you have selected it, click “Courseware” and then “Assignments.” Click on the Discussion Post assignment and respond to the prompt. DUE AT THE END OF WEEK 1

SmartLab Agreements

We have a lot of technology in my room. As such, you need to sign agreements that allow you to use that technology. You cannot begin your assignments until you and your guardian have signed the agreement (copies provided in the link). DUE AT THE END OF WEEK 2

Read and take notes on the class syllabus (it is attached to the SmartLab Agreements) and general Classroom Expectations! Be prepared to be quizzed on information in those documents.

SmartLab License Exam!

This will be taken when you have full access to this site and its content. When you are prepared for this exam, please let Mr.Fitzjarrald know by sending him an email at: v_fitzjarrald@dc21tb.org DUE AT THE END OF WEEK 2

STEM Poster

Go to Pixton.com. Once you are there, sign up for a free account. Pixton is a site that allows you to create your own comics. I want you to create a comic (must be at least 2 rows) about one of the following words: Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. If you create more than one comic, you will get extra-credit which is a great way to start the semester! DUE AT THE END OF WEEK 2 (Examples from Pixton Projects).

During this week, you will use the following resources:

  • Powerpoint
  • Publisher
  • The Internet / Google
  • Pixton.com
  • Glogster.com