This page contains your assignments for the Mapping/GIS Unit. For this unit, it is important that you complete the activities in series (meaning start with number 1). Each activity builds upon the previous ones and they become more difficult as time goes on. Please refer to the Vocabulary Page if you have trouble with the language in each assignment.

Assignment 1: Trip of a Lifetime

Software: Google Maps

Duration: 3 Days

Instructions: Navigate to Take a look three of the following landmarks in either street or picture view:
1. Great Pyramid of Giza
2. Great Wall of China
3. Eiffel Tower in Paris
4. The Louvre in Paris
5. Niagra Falls
6. Mt. Everest
7. Uluru Australia
8. South Pole Antarctica

Once you have had a chance to look at some amazing sites, use to create a new Prezi about your bucket list trip. You must create a presentation with at least 10 places (include pictures and titles) and tell me why you want to go there. When you complete the assignment, publish and submit links to the presentation to You will be evaluated on the following rubric.

Assignment 2: What can maps do?


Software: Google Maps

Duration: 2 Days

Instructions: Go to the following website:

Once you are there, look at the case studies on the page. Each one highlights a specific application of maps in our world today. You must select one example from the list of case studies (pick one that interests you). When you have had a chance to read over what happened and how the group used Google Maps to help our planet, fill out this form and tell me all about it.

Assignment 3: How do I look at a map?

Software: ArcExplorer (can download here) or visit online

Duration: 2 Days (or 1 Day per activity)

Instructions: For this activity, it is advisable that you use the ArcExplorer that is installed on your computer. Type Arc into the program search bar on your computer. Select ArcExplorer to launch the program. We will be doing two basic activites for this unit: Magellan Atlantic and Magellan Pacific. You will need the ArcFiles which you can download below:

The Module files will download as a Zip file. Save them to your network drive, then right click on the file and select “extract all” to Unzip them.

Assignment 4: Mapping Animals

Software: ArcExplorer (see above)

Duration: 3 Days (or 1 Day per activity)

Instructions: This activity looks at creative ways to map animal movement. The first assignment starts with a zoo map and allows you to look at the methods and ways to create more precise and engaging maps.

Assignment 5: Settling the United States

Software: ArcExplorer (see above)

Duration: 2 Days (or 1 Day per activity)

Instructions: This activity examines how we can use maps to look at how populations change over time. For this module you will need the following files.

Assignment 6: Tornado’s!

Software: ArcExplorer (see above)

Duration: 2 Days (or 1 Day per activity)

Instructions: This module will examine the rates of occurrences of tornadoes of various severity in different states and locations.